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Manage Your Time with Our Study Planner

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Studying online comes with some great benefits, like being able to work in your own home and at a time that suits you.

However, these benefits also mean that you’re in charge of navigating your own time, and getting the most out of it. Whether you’re a busy parent trying to upskill while the little ones are asleep or a mature student looking for a change in careers, studying online means being organised and managing your time.

To help you manage your time better we’ve developed our study planner.

Three simple steps, one goal

The tool helps you by putting a schedule together based on your daily habits and routines.

Step 1: Routine

To give your personalised study planner a frame that works for you and your habits we start off by asking you about your sleeping routine.

Answer two quick questions about the time you get up and go to sleep and move on.

Step 2: Work

As we all know, a lot of the time there is a lot more we need to get done in a day than “only” working through our units. In this section you will be able block out all times of the day during which you’re already busy working.

Step 3: Weekly Schedule

Once you’ve highlighted all times in a week when you’re busy working you can block out more time for other activities. Just drag and drop elements such as family/social, sports/exercise, chores and cooking into your schedule and block out certain times.

Finally, make sure your study hours (we recommend 8-10 hours per week and unit) add up according to the number of units you’ve decided to study.

Happy studying!