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Keep your kids busy – so you can keep studying!

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Keeping your kids entertained can be tricky at the best of times – but it becomes even more challenging during school holidays. With the school term break fast approaching, you might be wondering how you’ll find time to fit in study while keeping the kids occupied. Here are six ideas, whatever the weather and your kids’ age, so you can still find time to get some study done!

1.    Plan craft activities

Occupy your children’s curious and creative minds with home-based art and craft activities. The internet is awash with ideas making it easy to research and plan simple but fun activities. You don’t need to buy a heap of equipment – make a batch of playdough or put together an ‘artist’s toolbox’ filled with coloured pencils, textas, paints and paper.

2.    Embrace the great outdoors

With Spring in full swing, there should be a few sunny days to enjoy simple activities like a picnic, ball game or treasure hunt – all which can be done as close to home as in the back garden!

3.    Get out the board games and puzzles

If the weather is wet or windy, keep the kids entertained indoors with good old fashioned board games and puzzles. Some timeless classics are Twister, UNO, Jenga, Connect 4 and Barrel of Monkeys. Check out this handy list for 17 of the best board games for kids.

4.    Check out your local library

Many local libraries host school holiday programs featuring a range of activities such as an indoor games afternoon, film screenings or music workshops. Activities are free and best of all – it will allow you to steal a few hours of study time at a nearby computer station.

5.    Book into holiday programs

School holiday programs cater for every age and interest, so check out local guides to find out what’s available in your area. It could be anything from sporting activities, cooking or a drama class, with sessions running from a couple of hours to a few days.

6.    Arrange play dates with friends

Give your kids a change of scenery – and yourself a few hours of peace to study – by arranging play dates with their friends. Take it in turns so you both have a very busy day – but then a very quiet one!