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The importance of EQ vs IQ

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You have probably heard of the term IQ (Intelligence Quotient). IQ is a measure of an individual’s intellectual capacity, presented as a numerical score. Albert Einstein’s was around 160. Madonna and Shakira both scored 140. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is 135! For some perspective, the average range is between 90-109.

But you don’t need Einstein’s IQ to be successful. Or Madonna’s. Or even Schwarzenegger’s. Having a high IQ doesn’t guarantee happiness or career achievement. Recently, a greater emphasis has been placed on EQ (Emotional Intelligence), MQ (Moral Intelligence) and BQ (Body Intelligence) as equally important predictors of success.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional intelligence is the facility for identifying, processing and regulating emotions within the self and others. Simply put, the ability to recognise and appropriately react to your emotions and that of those around you. This emotional sensitivity is a crucial component of effectively interacting with others – an essential part of work and life in general. High EQ is correlated with better job performance and leadership. If you have a high EQ, courses such as psychology or communications may be perfect for you.

MQ (Moral Intelligence)

MQ represents the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to act accordingly. Elements of moral intelligence are empathy, conscience, self-control, respect for others, kindness, tolerance and fairness. Practising these will lead to better relationships with yourself and others, which are vital to success in and out of the workplace. Lennick and Kiel, who wrote a book about Moral Intelligence reveal how some of the best performing companies in the world have leaders who actively apply moral values to achieve personal and organisational success.

BQ (Body Intelligence)

BQ is the capacity to listen and respond to the body’s signals. High BQ individuals will carefully fuel, exercise and rest their bodies to maintain a healthy state. As physical wellbeing has a profound influence over mental wellbeing, it is critical that you pay close attention to what your body is telling you. No matter what your goals are, staying healthy will always be a fundamental part of achieving them.
There are multiple ways to approach intelligence, none of which is more or less important than the others. And the good news is that EQ, MQ and BQ can all be learned. So don’t let a number tell you what you can or can’t do, intelligence is much broader than that!