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Moving to the Student Hub

Replacing your Student Portal

You will soon have access to a new platform called the Student Hub, replacing your Student Portal. The Hub has been designed to be an intuitive tool allowing you to manage your course, access study resources and connect with support services and peers, all in one place.

If you are used to using the current Student Portal, don’t worry, your Student Hub will have all the same great features that were available in the Portal, plus new resources, personalised content and improved navigation.

Logging in

We know it can be confusing having a Portal password and a SIMS password. You’ll now only need to remember one. Your Student Hub will use your SIMS password, just like Canvas and your student email. Your username won’t change; it will still be your Swinburne ID number.

Here are a few ways you can prepare for your move to the Hub:

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer.
  2. Know how to clear your cache. If you have any issues with passwords or links, clearing your cache should be the first step to resolve this.
  3. Know your SIMS password, and how to reset it.
  4. Know how to update bookmarks you have saved to your web browser and add a new bookmark for the Student Hub.

Features of the Student Hub


Personalised Dashboard

Your Student Hub is unique to you and your studies. On your Dashboard, you will receive personalised messaging alerting you to outstanding tasks and important dates. As you progress through your course, your Dashboard will continue to provide personalised content about your fees, enrolment and exams, as well as important university announcements.

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Improved navigation

To help you find all of your favourite Portal resources, you will benefit from using Swinbot and the updated naviagation bar. SwinBot is a new live chat service available in the Student Hub. It will allow you to ask questions to an AI chatbot or connect you to your Student Advisors.

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