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How studying online sets you up for remote work in the future

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Due to the ongoing global pandemic, most university graduates will be entering an entirely unique job market: the remote workforce.

There are many skills employers look out for when hiring remotely.  These are essential to understand if you wish to succeed in the market.

Studying with Swinburne Online allows you to boost these skills among others, preparing you for the new norm of remote employment. We’ve collated just some of the skills you’ll gain with Swinburne Online that you can transfer to the remote job market.

Keeping flexible

Working remotely means being adaptable, especially when settling into a new role. Setting up software, navigating databases and understanding an organisation’s processes through virtual training requires flexibility and autonomy. This process becomes seamless when you have online study under your belt.

As an online student, you take control of your studies and navigate your units independently. Bryan Cranston, Swinburne Online Lead Unit Coordinator for Politics and History, explains that despite the challenges of studying online during a global crisis, there are still “opportunities” to enhance your skills.

Think of your studies as a job. An assessment deadline is akin to a boss giving you a deadline for a task, and meeting that deadline is part of the challenge of the task itself.

Digital communication across the globe

Rising COVID-19 cases have resulted in a boom in remote work opportunities for graduates to consider. However, applying for remote roles requires competence in digital communication as you’ll need to be able to work effectively with others to stay productive.

By regularly engaging with peers through your virtual classroom, consulting with Student Advisors and having one-to-one contact with online tutors, Swinburne Online’s courses will have you readily equipped with digital interpersonal skills. Alice, a former Swinburne Online student, expressed her appreciation for online learning and the way it allowed for a seamless transition into the workforce.

Swinburne Online has really prepared me for this online communication, as businesses are not always just face-to-face now.

Time management and prioritisation

There’s nothing more important than effectively prioritising your workload, while working both remotely and on-site. Swinburne Online encourages the development of effective time-management habits and organisational schedules through the use of your online learning platform.

Implementing this skill with your coursework will further your success in remote workplaces. Bryan Cranston explains how you can effectively prioritise study through the current crisis.

Set yourself ‘class times’ each week, in which you will work through your modules and learning materials, do your readings, and engage with the discussion board. Allocate yourself separate time to work on assessments…

Why not take the current global situation as an opportunity to enhance your skills? Alongside the industry-specific knowledge you’ll gain, studying with Swinburne Online will help you cultivate valuable practices as you enter the work-from-home job market.

If you’re thinking of building up your skillset with the extra time in lockdown, view our range of online courses or contact a Course Consultant on 1300 069 765.  For more study and time management tips, visit our blog.