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How to stay motivated during exams

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Exams are stressful but they don’t have to suck out all of your resolve. Below are our top tips for staying motivated during the stressful exam period to achieve the outcome you want.

Get a Study Buddy

Nothing is more motivating than another person. Studying with a friend or a group of people can greatly increase your drive both before and during your exams. Study buddies can also teach you new ways to achieve your goals and cement your learning.

Set weekly targets with your study buddy leading up to your exams and make a game of quizzing each other to keep things fun while you learn.

8 Minute Study Blocks

Short bursts of distraction-free study is not only a great way to absorb and retain information but also gives you an ongoing feeling of achievement. A study at the University of Illinois found that brief diversions from your work can help you retain more information, so like money, it’s not about how much you receive but what you keep.

Short study blocks allow you to focus on a few details at a time, increasing your chance of retaining the information and boosting you sense of accomplishment.

Think Positively

The power of positive thinking might see like a cliché but a good attitude and self-belief can do wonders for your motivation during exams. Collect motivational quotes and write down your strengths on cards to look at whenever you need a positive boost.

Take Care Of Your Body

Eat well and move often. Endorphins are a well-documented mood booster, so between study sessions take a quick jog around the block or even do a few push ups to get your blood moving.  Also feed your body nutrient high foods like vegetables and protein to keep your body and brain in peak condition.

Reward Yourself

No good deed should go unrewarded. Sometimes the best motivation is the reward you give yourself. In the lead up to your exams use small incentives like free time, visits to friends or an hour with a non-study book to keep yourself motivated. And when your exams are done make sure you give yourself an appropriate reward, something equal to your feeling of achievement. Big or small rewards will help you motivate yourself to achieve the outcome you want.

Have you got great ideas on how to stay motivated before and during exams? Share them with us in the comments below or on our social networks.