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How to get a job in creative industries

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This week we caught up with Sally Brownbill, creator and director of The Brownbill Effect, for her tips on how to get a job in the creative industries.

What qualities does a recruiter look for when placing someone in a creative role?

I believe when you are looking to place anyone in a creative role you need to think about:

  • The style of work the candidate does and at what level.
  • The candidate’s areas of interest.
  • The personality of the candidate and the studio’s culture.
  • The presentation of both the candidate and their work.

Why is networking so important in the creative community?

Wow – it is so important because networking and getting along with people is how the world evolves. Networking and forming friendships is how we find new jobs, hear about great stories and find things in common with each other.

Networking online and in person keeps us grounded, keeps us up to speed with new trends, makes us laugh and cry and have all the motions we need to get on with our work. Being creative can be quite lonely, more so than ever these days with so many working on their own. Networking is an essential ingredient to your career and your life.


What advice would you give to graduates looking for work?

Research what you like and who you want to work for. Do your homework!

This is really important. Don’t just randomly apply for jobs – know what you want and go for it.  Make sure you are proud of your work and feel confident talking about it. Present yourself well and have a presentation of your work that is memorable. Don’t be like everyone else.

When you are going for an interview, it’s up to you to interview them as well, not in an arrogant way of course, but it’s just as important that you like and understand them and their culture as they do you. You can never ask too many relevant questions.

About Sally Brownbill

Sally Brownbill studied photography at RMIT in the 80’s, and has been involved with the creative industry ever since.

Her work in the film and creative industries across Australia and Europe has helped her hone her skills in production, networking and business.

Today she runs a consultancy called The Brownbill Effect that features a unique, hand-picked online creative directory and full time placement hub.

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