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Six reasons why you should start studying now


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Thinking about taking a new direction in your career, vying for a promotion or keen to learn something new? Pursuing further study is a great pathway to achieving your career goals and setting yourself up for the future.

It’s easy to put off your studies for another year– but why wait? Get ahead of your career goals by starting your degree now and securing that dream job sooner. Here are our top reasons for why you should start your degree today:

1. Buck the trend

In a time of great uncertainty, there will be a lot of people ‘putting off’ their study plans until we return to a state of normalcy. But why not start a new normal now while you have the time, from the comfort of your own home? You’ll be months ahead of your goals and well on the road to achieving success.

Get ahead like Swinburne Online Master of Business Administration student Dale Prescott who started his degree in November.

A couple of years ago I set myself a goal to complete my MBA. Swinburne Online has really helped with this, because I can do the course in my own time and at my own pace, I’m now on track to complete that goal.

2. Start with a like-minded cohort of professionals

Join a cohort of like-minded professionals looking to jump-start their learning. It’s a great way to expand your professional network and make your degree work harder, while providing you with skills that you can instantly apply to your current role or build on for the future.

3. Pull yourself out of the post-summer sads and get back into gear

We all love cosying up at home in the colder months, whether that be with a good book or great movie. But why not take this opportunity to switch out the fiction and get your career goals on track by pursuing a degree in your chosen field or broadening your horizons in a completely new one.

4. Get ahead of your EOFY review

Set yourself up to get that mid-year promotion by upskilling ahead of the curve. Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important as the job market changes and becomes more competitive. Be proactive and increase your personal value proposition by developing new skills through studying online and beat your colleagues to the punch by starting now.

5. Limitless knowledge

The selection of subjects on offer in July is vast and varied with an array of stimulating units starting with every new intake. Online study gives students the options to choose from an array of subjects to kick-start your learning journey with subjects that make you tick.

6. Reset your mind and body

Whether it be health and fitness, saving money or starting your study journey, taking the plunge on your goals as soon as possible will keep you motivated and in the right mindset to see them through. Studies show that making progress on your goals can make you feel happier, stimulating goal-directed behaviour and can lead to attaining your goals sooner. Start your degree today and don’t give yourself the chance to procrastinate on pursuing your dream career.

Interested in upskilling through Swinburne Online? Then seize the day! View our list of courses, from postgraduate degrees to single units, call one of our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765, or apply now.