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CASPer: Suitability for Teaching

From 2018, under the new AITSL and government Initial Teacher Education (ITE) requirements, all students applying to ITE courses across Australia will need to meet suitability for teaching (non-academic selection) criteria as a part of course entry criteria.  CASPer provides this, as it asks questions situated in real world scenarios. This gives you the opportunity to show your personal attributes which are important for effectiveness and success in the teaching profession.


CASPer is an online tool designed to assess your personal attributes important to the teaching profession, such as interpersonal skills, resilience, judgement, teamwork and willingness to learn. It is composed of 12 video-based or a word-based scenario followed by a few questions each asking for your thoughts or reactions to the scenario.

How do I take CASPer?

All you need to complete CASPer is a computer with a web cam, a working internet connection and a valid government issued photo ID. CASPer can be completed at home, a library or any other location of your choice as long as you feel like you’re in a quiet space where you can focus completely.

To sign up to complete CASPer go to

How long will it take me?

You should plan for about 90 minutes to complete CASPer. It is possible to take a short break of 15 minutes half-way through.

Can I prepare for it?

As CASPer is designed to assess your personal attributes, there is no need to study ahead, and it’s not really a test you can study for. The CASPer website offers a couple of practice questions though, to help you get a feel for what the CASPer experience will be like.

Can I fail CASPer?

CASPer was designed to measure personal attributes to determine your suitability for teaching.  Some candidate’s results will indicate they may be less suited than others.

Should a candidate not meet the minimum threshold of standards to receive entry into a course, we will let you know and discuss with you your options.

When can I take CASPer?

Please visit the CASPer website for dates currently available.

What do I do if none of the CASPer dates work for me?

Please speak with one of our Course Consultants for assistance.

What if I have completed a different suitability (non-academic) selection assessment?

Universities across Australia may use different tools to assess your suitability for teaching. If you have completed a selection assessment for another university, or in another state or territory, all you need to do is provide us with evidence of the positive outcome, and we can accept that as equivalent to CASPer.

How much will it cost?

There is an $80 fee to sit the test. You will be required to pay the fee when you schedule in to take CASPer.