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Careers Expo: Career development with online study

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Your career development does not take a back seat when you study online.

In partnership with representatives from SEEK and GradConnection, Swinburne Online recently hosted Careers Expo: a four-day virtual event for Swinburne Online students to act on their career progression, with advice from industry-leading professionals.

With over 1600 total registrations, students took advantage of this opportunity to gain advice from Swinburne Online alumni, information to enhance their knowledge of the recruitment process, learn more about the wealth of career services available to them and how best to use a SEEK and GradConnection profile to maximise their position in the job market.

Careers Expo supported students in building their employability skills and confidence, with 81% of students finding it helpful and relevant to their ambitions.

All your questions, answered

Graduates of Swinburne Online took the opportunity to return and share their employment strategies with current students. They shared details of their career journeys so far, their experience finding employment after graduating and answered personalised questions from current students in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ zoom session.

It helps to be able to ask questions in the moment – I appreciate it!

Swinburne Online students heard how they can to make their CVs stand out and what they can do now whilst studying to improve their future employability potential.

Thanks so much for this session. I definitely got the answers I was looking for.

Some key takeaways:

Keeping your CV on top of the pile

When you’re applying for jobs, it’s important to stand out in a saturated job market. That’s why we focused on a ‘tell-all’ of the recruitment process. It highlighted essential information about optimising CVs and cover letters and the ins and outs of the recruitment process.

Another key tip was to tailor your job search to different outlets:

  • LinkedIn: with thousands of jobs added daily, LinkedIn is great for connecting with professionals at different organisations. Create a LinkedIn profile, view company pages and read employee reviews.
  • SEEK: find company pages and employee reviews. Access the many available articles, overviews and insights into different roles to enhance your job search.
  • Company websites and socials: make a list of companies you want to work for. Follow and subscribe to them on social media to keep up to date with any opportunities.
  • Recruitment agencies: reach out to recruiters (on LinkedIn, email, etc.) and let them get to know you and what you’re looking for. They can share new opportunities with you as they arise.

Highlighting yourself in the market

Job market leaders SEEK and GradConnection presented on everything you need to know about navigating the job market, applying and searching for graduate programs, internships or entry-level roles.

  • Have a clear and concise CV. Ensuring your application clearly presents your best-selling points is key to being considered.
  • Network with others. Reach out to professionals, recruiters or those with career paths you aspire to pursue on LinkedIn and start a conversation.
  • Use your resources. SEEK offers free career advice on a range of topics. Make a SEEK profile so you can easily apply for roles.
  • Apply for graduate roles and opportunities. View psych testing and video interview support resources on GradConnection to prepare for the recruitment process.

Our career resources

Swinburne is dedicated to helping students through their career progression. Showcasing Swinburne’s tools to support students in their career journeys, the Careers and Employability team outlined resources available:

  • SwinEmploy is a resource available to all Swinburne Online students. Here, you can access job boards and resources, book in for careers events and ask questions to a support team.
  • Career consultants provide personalised career support. They can discuss your career goals and practical ways to achieve them.
  • Speed mentoring is a program that connects Swinburne students with Swinburne alumni from around the world for a 30-minute mentoring session.


Careers Expo was an excellent opportunity for Swinburne Online students to develop and improve their confidence with strategies to enter the job market, progress their career or change their career direction. Students left with takeaway information for every situation.

Not a current student? View our online courses today to start your career journey.