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Are you ready for a career in criminal justice and criminology?

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Criminal Justice and Criminology

If you want to pursue a career where you can truly change lives and protect your community, then a career in criminal justice will be a perfect fit. However, this path isn’t for everyone. People in this field face many challenges and must express great commitment, resilience and integrity. 

However, here are three key skills to make it in the world of criminal justice: 

Ethics knowledge 

As a criminal justice professional, you have the important task of upholding the legal, ethical and moral standards of society. When your goal is to keep individuals and communities safe, you’ll need a strong sense of right versus wrong and the ability to maintain public trust.  

That’s why Swinburne Online offers units such as Crime, Society and Culture that teach you how to examine and address ethically challenging situations.  

Legal knowledge  

Knowledge of the different nuances and implications of the law will help you navigate the world of criminal justice. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology offers units that cover different aspects of Australian law, including Law and Social Science and Criminal Law and Process. So you’ll graduate with comprehensive legal knowledge that you can apply at every stage of your career. 

Technological knowledge  

The world of criminal justice is a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, and it’s moving increasingly online. Technology is changing the way crime looks and how it happens, which is why Swinburne Online includes units that focus on how technology is used as a tool to both commit and detect crime.  

Our Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology aims to give you a strong foundation and valuable insight into the Australian justice system. We’ll help you find your place in our justice system by giving you the necessary tools to grow and develop long after your degree.  

Are you ready for more? If you want to begin making your mark, check out our Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology or contact one of our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765