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New Year's Resolution Planner

For a lot of us, starting the new year means re-evaluating where we are currently at and where we'd like to be at the end of this new year. This might be even more so the case when you are studying online. 

You're trying to figure out what you can fit in for this year, when you need to take a break and what assessments and units you really need to get around to in 2018. 

To keep your motivation up and help you set realisitc goals, we've created six different, interactive planners for 2018. Choose the one with the quote that rings true to you, set you goals for each month and have an outstanding 2018!

New year, new you? 


Planner 1



Planner 2



Planner 3



Planner 4



Planner 5



Planner 6