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12 totally useful gifts for online students

‘Tis the season to get thoughtful – so if you have a friend or family member hitting the digital books, here are 12 ridiculously useful gifts for online students we’ve found through #swinburneonline.


1. Motivational posters

Whether they’re a lover of quotes or a Keep Calm Carry On sort of student – a bundle of happy words is always a good addition to any study space #beaflamingoinapackofpigeons.

For student @kafween91 it’s all about goals

2. Noise cancelling headphones

For those times when its past bedtime and the kids are still not asleep.

Student @healthycarly_au may need a pair :D

3. Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro Technique is notoriously known for boosting productivity in 25 minutes. Sure, there’s a timer on most phones or free online, but this little tomato is waaaaay cuter.

BONUS: can also be used as a handy kitchen timer.

4. Do not disturb sign

You don’t even have to buy this one. Grab a sharpie and make a sign* or make one in Photoshop and take it to your local printer. You’re welcome.

*Etsy has some cute ones for those with subpar penmanship.

5. Portable speaker

Sometimes study happens at a desk, sometimes in bed and sometimes even at the beach – a portable speaker means the study tunes don’t stop wherever they are.

Student @amanda.volpatti studies from her favourite place


6. Mini Zen garden

This is in no way a tool of procrastination – it is an instrument to calm the mind, something all online students need for when things get a little stressful around exam time.

7. Brain food cookbook

A way to an online student’s brain is through their stomach.

8. Whilst on the subject of food – a quick and easy cookbook.

Not all students have time to degustation their way through dinner. Gift some healthy simplicity.

Student @sunnyw.88 tucks in to a simple study dish ;)

9. These socks

Every online student gets to the point where words are too much.

10. Wall calendar

Online students tend to DIY the wall calendar, why not help them formalise it.

Student @life_of_t1ff organisational skills reach level expert

11. An animal

Okay, this is one you would probably have to mention before gifting, but nothing says study buddy like meow.

This contemplative cat keeps student @minimickeym company

12. A pamper voucher

Whether it’s for nails, a massage, food, coffee or a barbershop shave – online students work their butt off and the gift of indulgence is a just reward.

Student @newleafnutrition indulges with her favourite study aide