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Benefits of studying with your pet


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Cat playing with owner's hand

Every now and then, we’re faced with the temptation of hanging out with friends instead of finishing an assignment. However, there is one friend you may not have considered hanging out with, who won’t talk to you while you’re trying to study – your fur baby. Whether you have a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit (or something else!), there are several benefits to studying with your pet.

Studying with a pet is good for your mental health
We love our pets, and they love us. Caring for a pet gives us a great sense of purpose. No matter your mood or stress levels, your pets are always there for a cuddle. If you’re nearing the pointy end of the teaching period and exams or final assignment submission is just around the corner, invite Ollie the cat to sleep on your bed while you study. Your pet will always be there for you and will always love you, which can help you to de-stress and improve your productivity.


You won’t feel lonely
You’ve switched off your phone, logged out of all of your social media accounts on your laptop and have asked your family to leave you in peace to study. You’ve created an ideal environment for a procrastination-free afternoon, but you can sometimes feel a bit isolated. Bring your rabbit, Henry, inside to hop around at your feet while you finish off your assignment. If you have a great idea, tell your fur baby about it. If you start to understand a topic you’ve been struggling to learn, tell your fur baby about it. They will always listen, and will never tell you you’re wrong!

Your fur baby will help you stay active
Studying online means you inevitably spend a lot of time sitting. Make sure you take breaks and exercise regularly. Pets (particularly dogs) can encourage us to get outside in the fresh air and move our bodies. Being physically active is just as important as keeping on top of your assignments, so make sure you find a healthy balance. And your dog will love you for it too!

Studying with your pets has a number of benefits for your mental and physical health, productivity and general wellbeing. They make excellent study buddies. Don’t have a pet? If you have the space, time and love to give, why not consider adding a furry friend to your study space?