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Becoming a classroom music teacher

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music student playing piano

Veronica already had a lot on her plate when she decided to study a Bachelor of Education (Primary) with Swinburne Online. As a music specialist, performer, business owner, mother and grandmother it was a challenge to find the time for study.

Veronica music-teacher

However, Veronica was determined to gain a formal qualification so that she could share her love of music with primary school students in her own classroom.

‘I wanted a challenge,’ she said. ‘I wanted to teach my own class.’

Over 5 years, Veronica worked hard to make study a priority, even as she encountered significant personal changes and challenges. Luckily, she found that online study allowed her to design a learning pathway that suited her lifestyle and schedule.

‘Swinburne Online gave me the flexibility to study in my own time and at my own pace,’ she said.

Veronica has now graduated and is a classroom music teacher. She loves being able to pass on her passion and knowledge to the students in her class.

‘Music is something we all have within us,’ explained Veronica. ‘Often we don’t realise it and it just needs to be brought out. For me, that’s what music teaching is about.’

Learn more about Veronica’s journey to becoming a primary school music teacher in the videos below. If you think a Bachelor of Education (Primary) might be right for you, you can apply online, and one of our Course Consultants will get in touch to guide you through the enrolment process.