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Assignments play a large role in any university course, offering you a way to take all of the knowledge you have gathered and compile it into something tangible. While they are a fantastic way for you to gauge the knowledge gained throughout your studies, they can also be a source of stress. To help ease your assignment worries we have put together a list of helpful resources and tools that you can use.


During your studies, you may be given an assignment task to create an assignment folio, in which you will be required to collect objects or resources that relate to a range of topics within your unit.

This is where Evernote comes in handy. Available as a browser-based interface, downloadable program for PC and Mac, and as an app for Android, IPhone and IPad iOS; Evernote is the perfect tool for note-taking and note-sharing anywhere, at any time. With Evernote, you can create multiple notebooks for each of your units, allowing you to store your notes in an easy to find location.

Brainstorming is a fantastic way to lay out all the thoughts and ideas you have around your units that can be of use for any upcoming assignment tasks. It can sometimes be tricky trying to keep track of all your scribbled brainstorming notes. offers a streamlined way to keep track of your brainstorming sessions, map out a concept or create workflow charts to track your progress. All you need to do is set up an account for yourself and begin mapping.


Most of your assignments will require one, if not multiple, academic references from related resources, however the more reference quotes you include the more you run the risk of plagiarism.

A fast and effective way to check all of the references in your assignment is by submitting it through Turnitin Originality Report. Turnitin will compare your assignment text with a database of books, websites, articles and other students’ assignments to identify where your work might match someone else’s, allowing you to correct any errors and submit an assignment that is truly your own.

With these assignment tools at your disposal you will able to get the most out of each assignment task you have.

Get in touch with one of your Student Advisors for any additional assignment support you may need during your studies.