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All You Need to Know About Becoming a Mental Health Support Worker in Australia


In the field of mental health, the role of a Mental Health Support Worker has evolved into a necessary function. These professionals assist individuals facing mental health challenges by providing support, and guidance, and facilitating access to resources for mental well-being. This exploration uncovers the world of Mental Health Support Workers, unravelling their roles, responsibilities, work settings, and the qualifications required. Swinburne Online’s comprehensive course opens doors for those passionate about making a difference.

Understanding the Role of a Mental Health Support Worker

Mental Health Support Workers are not just caregivers. They are professionals guiding individuals through mental health struggles. Their roles include providing emotional support, developing coping mechanisms, collaborating with professionals for care plans, advocating for clients, and meticulously monitoring and documenting progress.

Where Do Mental Health Support Workers Work?

The career landscape of a Mental Health Support Worker is diverse, reflecting the varied mental health needs in communities. From mental health facilities to community organisations, residential care facilities to schools, these professionals make a difference where it matters most.

Steps to Becoming a Mental Health Support Worker in Australia

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Begin your journey with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, providing a foundation in psychology fundamentals.
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology: Progress to the Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Swinburne Online for in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, disorders, and cognitive processes, along with crucial research skills.
  • Accreditation: Ensure the program holds accreditation from the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), confirming its adherence to high standards.
  • Further Training: Pursue additional training, including an accredited fourth year of study and an additional two years as required by the Psychology Board of Australia.
  • Gain Practical Experience: Seek opportunities to gain practical experience in diverse settings, honing your skills and understanding of the field.

A Career as a Mental Health Support Worker in Australia

Starting a career as a Mental Health Support Worker in Australia offers a versatile and rewarding career path. Professionals in this field may find themselves working in mental health facilities, community organisations, residential care facilities, or schools. 

Day-to-day responsibilities can include providing emotional support, assisting in the development of coping mechanisms, collaborating on care plans, advocating for clients, and diligently monitoring progress.

As the demand for mental health support continues to rise, individuals entering this field not only shape their careers but also contribute significantly to the well-being of the communities they serve. 

With three courses at varying levels to choose from, Swinburne Online’s structured and accredited pathway ensures individuals acquire the qualifications needed to thrive in this essential role, setting the stage for a fulfilling and impactful career in mental health support. 

Click below to find out about each course and their requirements:

Unlock your potential with Swinburne Online and become a part of positive change in the field of mental health in Australia.