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Swinburne Online Launches First Advertising Degree

Australia’s high demand for university courses online continues to grow with Swinburne Online launching its first online advertising degree.

Students who are interested in pursuing creative fields, will have the opportunity to enrol in a Bachelor of Communication with a major in Advertising to start this March.

With the number of job openings for Advertising and Marketing Professionals expected to soar to greater than 50,000 over the next three years, Swinburne Online students will be able to easily translate their digital skills from the course into the workplace, making them prime contenders for the growing job market.

The course will teach students about advertising trends, campaign planning, client and agency management, copywriting and communication strategy equipping them with the skills for a range of advertising careers.

Students are able to undertake a range of electives including some in communication design to expand their skills and knowledge.

Swinburne Online’s Accounting, Marketing and Public Relations Program Director, Andrew Vincent, says there are a range of opportunities to work in the industry.

“Advertising is a dynamic industry that has experienced steady growth over the past decade and will continue to expand in the years to come. It’s a very creative field and always evolving and so whether you are just starting out or already in the field, it’s important to stay on top of trends and training.

“With the rise in advertising roles relating to social media that wouldn’t have existed 10 years ago, we’re excited to give students the skills to qualify for new and upcoming industry positions.”

The three year fulltime or equivalent part time course will see students become skilled communication professionals, learning from current working industry leaders who will help them develop expertise around campaign planning, writing for digital and traditional media and advertising strategy.

“Graduates will be qualified to work in a range of roles across diverse workplaces from agencies to large corporate and government departments,” said Andrew Vincent.

The course is now taking enrolments.