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Calling Australia’s future security corps

The rise in global terrorism has brought about the need to formally educate and prepare today’s students for future roles in counter terrorism and security.

Students interested in pursuing this line of work will have the opportunity to study online with the introduction of two new courses this December to Swinburne Online.

Australian Police Event

The new additions to the Swinburne Online portfolio are a part of a sequence of new courses that will be released ahead of Christmas and early 2017.

The December release will include; a Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Security and Counter Terrorism and a Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Security and International Relations.

Swinburne Online Social Science Program Director, Dr Nikki Rickard said, “we’re pleased to offer these new courses to the Swinburne Online portfolio. Importantly, the bachelor degrees bring together key aspects of national and international security with an emphasis on contemporary security issues.”

Students will learn about the changing nature of security in a post 9/11 world and the role of technology (such as cybersecurity and drone warfare) in countering terrorism. The degree will provide career opportunities including Customs and Border Protection Officer, Risk Analyst, Security Advisor, Intelligence Profiler and Immigration officer.

2016’s Global Terrorism Index presented research that highlights a complex and rapidly changing set of dynamics in global terrorism. For example, according to the Data on Job Outlook provided by the Commonwealth Government, over the five years to November 2019 the number of job openings for Intelligence and Policy Analysts is expected to grow by up to 25,000 roles.

Swinburne Online’s new Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Security and International Relations will deliver the most up to date information and resources to students looking for future careers in foreign affairs, trade and international business.

Graduates will leave with an accredited degree from a university ranked among the top 3% in the world. Taught by leading academics, these new degrees are recognised by the industry’s government, private and non-profit sectors. Dr Rickard said.

Swinburne Online will be releasing two additional courses in the coming weeks.

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