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Why you should complete an MBA

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Studying an MBA is about much more than listing a new qualification on your LinkedIn profile or earning a higher salary. We look at some of the top reasons you should do your MBA.

A changed (and enhanced) perspective

An MBA can be an intense learning experience, putting you in contact with a wide range of people and challenging you to rethink leadership, strategy and innovation. An MBA won’t teach you one, single way to think; rather it will push you to think from a wide range of different perspectives.

Global knowledge

Time poor and busy, it’s easy to get stuck in your own world of work, with little opportunity to reflect on the broader picture. An MBA immediately takes you out of that zone, asking you to think about the broader economy and the global impact of how we live and work. Such global thinking can also be used to help solve your more immediate and local challenges, giving you practical knowledge you can implement at work.

A diverse network

Many MBA students cite this as their number one reason for completing an MBA, and for good reason. The intensity and group work required of MBA subjects pushes you to build communities amongst fellow students, and to develop deep relationships based on shared knowledge and ideas. Most MBA students have also spent time in the workforce in leadership positions, putting you in contact with ambitious professionals from a wide range of industries.

Greater leadership impact

An MBA can equip you with the knowledge you need to become a better leader. It’ll challenge you to consider how you lead, why you lead and what you can do to inspire others. It’ll challenge you to address your own leadership weaknesses. Whether or not you manage people, or simply lead on ideas and initiatives, a great MBA will equip you with the skills you need to generate serious impact.

Love learning for life

An MBA is transformative, but the transformation doesn’t stop upon graduation. Equipped with a new way of thinking, new skills, and new networks, students also graduate with a life-long habit and appetite for education. They understand the significant benefits of continuous learning, and develop the habits to make it a part of their lives.

Transform your life and career

Swinburne Online eLA Annie McDonald says she regularly witnesses major transformations in the attitudes and behaviours of students. She sees it in their confidence levels, their leadership perspectives, and their enthusiasm for participating in class tasks. “I see a lot of change in careers as the students are going through their units,” she says. “It’s not uncommon to change roles, to get promotions, or to end up working for a company that’s more supportive … It’s not just career changing, it’s life changing. They learn about leadership and think, ‘I can apply this at home, with my siblings, my friends, with every interaction I have with people. I can’t speak highly enough about the potential for life transformation that comes out of this.”

Gain a higher salary

Greater earning potential is an obvious benefit of studying an MBA. Such an increase in salary does not necessarily come from the piece of paper the degree’s written on, but rather the career and life transformation students experience from studying. If you’re enjoying all of the above benefits of an MBA then a higher salary – or more success financially with your own business or consulting work – should follow.


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