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December 14, 2016
This week we caught up with Julie, one of our Assessors to discuss what an assessor is does and to find out how she can help our...
December 14, 2016
For all the students that will be juggling festivities and study we have created some tips to help you make the most of your time...
November 29, 2016
Want to improve your memory? Find out how with help from Swinburne Online Teaching Coach, Luke's Super Quick Study Tips.
November 28, 2016
Need study tips fast? Check out our top tips for setting study goals and reaching your potential.
November 24, 2016
This week we spoke to Kate, the Lead Trainer for all TAFE students completing a diploma at Swinburne Online, to find out a little...
November 24, 2016
Swinburne Online TAFE student Leigh completed his Diploma of Marketing in just 12 months, allowing him to take a promotion at...
October 24, 2016
Meet the people behind your learning journey. This week we catch up with Learning Experience Manager Kathy to find out how she...
October 20, 2016
There is never a bad time to start taking control of your money. Let us show you our top five tips to make budgeting as a student...
October 17, 2016
To help you decide the best way to apply for a job, we have put together a few methods with pros and cons.