Practical tasks to advance your skills

At Swinburne Online we believe you learn best by doing. That’s why when you study a diploma with us your assessment tasks will be highly practical – quickly improving your work performance and helping advance your career.

As you study you’ll find short assessment tasks featured throughout your learning journey. They are clearly signposted and include guides, templates and examples to make sure you’re supported with the information you need along the way.

Types of assessments

Quiz questions

From time to time you will come across short quizzes that test what you’ve learnt in your units. These are a great way to jog your memory about key skills.

Short answer responses and reflections

Occasionally your assessment tasks will require you to include personal reflection. This could be around areas of your professional development and goals.

Projects that draw on your current or past work experience

Some assessments will give you the opportunity to combine your real work experience with assessment tasks. If you’ve completed a project similar to the assessment your need to complete, you can submit that to demonstrate your skills.