Swinburne Online' s Student Support

At Swinburne Online, our main goal is to give you the best support possible during your study journey. Which is why we've developed a strong network of academic and community help. 

We've recently asked some of our students which part of the support network they have found most helpful. Here are their top answers:


Our eLAs are our academic staff. They're the ones who manage your online classroom. eLAs are experts in their fields and are often working professionals, which means they provide a breadth of industry knowledge and real-life cases that will help you connect theoretical knowledge with working life examples.

eLAS can:

  • Answer specific questions about your units
  • Give you assessment tasks
  • Accept extension requests
  • Feed back on your assessments
  • Explain your learning materials and activities

eLAs are available via email, so you can contact them at a time that suits you best.

Student Advisors

Our Student Advisors are here to support you with technical issues and administrative queries throughout your study journey. They can help you with:

  • Your enrolment details and course planning
  • Technical support for your online classroom
  • Reserach, writing and referencing skills

Student Advisors are available for you to contact via phone, email and LiveChat, seven days a week. So they're basically here for you whenever you need them.


One of our most powerful support network is you. At Swinburne Online it's important to us to build a community of students. So whilst you might be studying online, we want to make sure you know you're never alone.  

When studying with Swinburne Online you will be able to communicate with other students via our discussion boards and Facebook Groups. You'll be able to ask questions such as "What unit should I choose?" or "How does this assignment work?" andf you'll get answers from those who've been there too: your peers. 


Student Support

Student Support


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