A Supportive Social Community

Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone.

A large part of studying is connecting with your peers, both on an academic and social level. At Swinburne Online, we want to make forming relationships with other students as easy as possible, so we developed CONNECT, our custom social network. 

CONNECT is much like an online student lounge, where you can chat with students from across the whole of Swinburne Online. From discussing your course, reflecting on student life, creating face-to-face study groups with students in your local area and even networking for your future, CONNECT is your networking haven.

Swinburne Online enjoys a diverse student body from around the world. In Australia alone, around 25 per cent of students live in rural or regional areas. The varied ages and cultural and social backgrounds of each student offers a wealth of unique perspectives and experiences. You'll find being part of the student community a great source of support and the ideal forum to make new friends.

How CONNECT helps you:

  • Post questions about studies to other students and create discussions groups
  • Contact Student Advisors
  • Create interest groups
  • Chat socially or private message other students directly
  • Find people in your area and take your study groups offline

CONNECT with fellow students and network for your future with Swinburne Online.