Years of industry experience

You don't need to be sitting in a classroom to have access to some of the best university tutors on offer.

Swinburne Online’s team of academic professionals is dedicated to making your online study experience simple and rewarding. Each unit you're enrolled in is facilitated by a tutor we refer to as an eLearning Advisor. 

eLearning Advisors are passionate professionals with years of industry experience who have been specially trained for teaching in online environments. Many still work in the field they teach in, providing you with a great source of knowledge and experience. They're your primary source of academic support and will post weekly activities to help you learn the unit content and provide assistance, feedback and support throughout your studies.



How our eLearning Advisors help you:

  • eLearning Advisors run small tutorial groups that allow for personalised attention
  • Contact your eLearning Advisor at any time for advice about your unit content and you’ll receive a response within 48 hours
  • You can discuss topics openly with your eLearning Advisor through the study groups
  • All eLearning Advisors are experts in their field, highly qualified and often still work within the industry they teach

eLearning Advisors are tutors who are experts in online education.