Student Amenities Association

Studying isn't just about burying your nose in the books

Part of the fun of studying is socialising with your fellow classmates, even if most of your learning time is online.

The Swinburne Student Amenities Association (SSAA) provides a fantastic range of free services for all Swinburne students. We'll let you know of upcoming events, activities, clubs and societies, feed you the latest student news and provide access to sporting facilities and more.

We also offer independent academic advice on topics like legal services, policy awareness, plagiarism and advocacy for issues including academic progress.

To keep your finger on the pulse of all things academic and entertainment at Swinburne, check out the Swinburne Student Amenities Association.

The Student Amenities Association is useful for:

  • Academic advice and advocacy
  • Free activities and events
  • Joining clubs and societies
  • Sport and recreation
  • University games and championships
  • Funs runs
  • Vice-Chancellor's leadership development program
  • Student representation.