SPX Exams Personal Examination Supervisor Details

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Please note the following updated codes/names for some units.

  • ACC10002 Accounting 1 is now ACC10007 Financial Information for Decision Making

  • ACC20001 Corporate Accounting is now ACC20007 Company Accounting

  • ACC20009 Advanced Management Accounting is now ACC30009 Analysis for Competitive Advantage

  • ECO20002 Macroeconomics is now ECO10003 Macroeconomics

The following information is required for your supervisor nomination. Please note that all supervisors are subject to approval; providing all of the information requested below will assist the approvals process. We will only contact you regarding your PES nomination if your nomination has been declined, or if we require further information.

From the drop-down list below, choose the relationship between yourself and your nominated supervisor. Please note that co-workers and friends are not acceptable options. Family friends are permitted where the contact is once per month or less (infrequent), and direct workplace supervisors are only permitted for Defence personnel on deployment.
A business email address is required in this field; if your supervisor only has a Gmail, Hotmail or ISP email address, you will also need to provide supporting documentation below for your nomination to be approved (e.g. teacher registration, business card)

If you cannot provide a business email address and employment information for your supervisor, please attach supporting documentation to verify their position (e.g. letterhead, business card).

If you have organised a PES at an education institution (TAFE, University etc) where payment is required you must include information on the cost of each exam supervision (this must not exceed $150 per exam which includes room hire and supervision).

Invoices from the education institution must be forwarded to exams@swinburneonline.com and charged to Swinburne Online.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of our Student Liaison Officers via our webform or call on 1300 937 765.