Split up your presentation



Before you start recording your presentation, get together with your group and decide who will record what part of the presentation. Then, you need to each create a Powerpoint file containing only the slides that you’ll be presenting.

Each member of the group should do the following steps:


Task 1: Make a copy of the main presentation

  1. Open the master Powerpoint file, containing all of the content for the group.

 2.     Click on the File menu tab at the top of the window, then click Save As.

 3.     Choose a location and filename for your copy of the presentation and click Save. Be careful that you don’t overwrite the original master presentation, as you’ll be deleting content from the new copy you’re creating.

It’s a good idea to save your copy of the presentation with a filename that identifies the section you’ll be recording. For example, you could call it ‘section3’ or ‘conclusion’.

You’re now working on your own copy of the presentation. Any work you do on this file won’t affect the master copy of the presentation.


Task 2: Delete slides that you don’t need to record

  1. In your new copy of the presentation, hold down the Ctrl key and click in the left panel to select the slides you won’t be recording.

2.     Right-click on one of the slides you’ve selected and choose Delete slide.


You don’t need to delete all the slides at once – for example, it might be easier to delete all the slides before your section, and then delete all the slides after your section.

3.     Once your presentation contains only the slides you will be recording, click the Save icon at the top of the window.



You’re now ready to start recording your section of the presentation.