Set up your recording


Before you start, you need to have a microphone connected to your computer. Many computers will have an internal microphone, but if you don’t have one (or if the quality isn’t good enough), you might need to plug in an external microphone.

Load the screen recorder

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Click Start Recording.


The Screen Recorder page appears, where the screen recording program starts loading automatically.

3.     If a popup or alert appears asking permission to run the Java plugin, click Allow or OK


If the screen recorder doesn’t load, and you don’t see a popup, you might need to enable or install the Java plugin for your web browser. See your web browser’s help for more information.

When the screen recorder is ready, you’ll see a dotted frame around the recording area, along with a recording control panel underneath the frame.


Set up your microphone

Before you start your recording, it’s a good idea to check that your recording is using the correct microphone, and that this microphone is working and set to the right volume for recording your voice.

Click the microphone icon on the recording control panel, and choose the microphone you want to use to record. If you’re using your computer’s in-built microphone, this will usually be selected by default. 


You can test if the selected microphone is working by making a noise near the microphone and checking that it affects the volume indicator next to the microphone icon. 


To adjust the recording volume, click the volume icon on the recording control panel.


Depending on the microphone you’re using, you might be able to use the slider in the popup window to set your recording volume, or click Auto Adjust Volume to automatically find the best volume for your recording.

If you’re using the automatic volume feature, make sure you are the same distance away from your microphone as you will be when you do your recording, and that you talk at the same volume.


To test the recording volume, click the Record button in the popup window. Talk at a normal volume to test the level being recorded by your microphone, then click Play to hear the recording. Repeat until you’re happy with the volume of the recording.

If you need to change the volume, but you don’t have the volume slider available, try positioning the microphone closer or further away until you’re happy with the volume being recorded, or try plugging an external microphone into your computer and using that instead.

When you’re happy with the volume levels for the microphone you’ve chosen, click OK.


Set up your recording area

To make sure the recording will include your whole presentation, you should adjust the size and position of the recording area before you start recording.

Open your presentation, then enter presentation mode. You can now adjust the size and position of the recording area to ensure your whole presentation is recorded.

To move the recording area, click and drag the popup panel in the middle of the recording area to a new location.



To shrink or expand the recording area, click and drag the handles on the sides and corners of the recording area and reposition them until the recording area includes your whole presentation.



Once you’re happy with the recording area and volume, you’re ready to start recording your presentation.