Online students Press for Progress

What better time to celebrate women who study online than on International Women’s Day? This year’s theme is ‘Press for Progress’ which is all about celebrating the achievements of women and continuing to strive for gender parity.

We had a chat to some of our resident ‘girl boss’ students and alumni for inspiration. They share why they chose online study and how Swinburne Online has allowed them to reach their full potential.

Renee Golland

“I strongly believe that you should never stop learning, and as a mum I’m really proud of the good example I set for my children. Stuck to the fridge is my children’s artwork- alongside my first university award.”- Renee Golland

Bibi Legris

“I left Mauritius because of the limited opportunities. When you know that your gender, or your religion or your political affiliation is limiting you it makes you feel lesser of a human being. I hope when I graduate I work in an area where I can make a meaningful change in people’s lives.” – Bibi Legris

Cassandra Kingsley

“My generation, don’t just want to go with the norm, we want to have things convenient and work for us, not us fitting into something else. And I think that studying online is perfect for that and Swinburne Online creates the perfect environment." – Cassandra Kingsley

Sarah Ridley

“Studying online is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have also met new friends from around Australia, each with their own stories and reasons for studying online. The students I had the pleasure of meeting were of all different ages and ethnicities, opening my eyes to a much larger world.”- Sarah Ridley

Remember to make International Women’s Day your day to kick-start positive changes that mean the most to you. Make a difference and Press for Progress.