ORG20002 Business and Society

About this unit 

Business has an urgent need to review the way it interacts with and contributes to society. Today’s leaders and managers need to be aware of the holistic views on organisations and society, learn how to identify challenges and opportunities in the future and develop ways to meet those challenges and capitalise on emergent opportunities. 

The unit challenges students to identify and evaluate major issues and trends impacting society and explore potential business implications that can drive sustainable innovation. The unit is designed to facilitate critical/analytical, systems, and creative thinking. Students in this unit will adapt a trans-disciplinary approach, drawing on relevant concepts and theories from philosophy, history, economics, geography, sociology and political science. A major focus will be a critical appreciation of stake-holder theory and how this theory frames integrative thinking across strategic management, finance, accounting, human resource management, marketing, law, public policy, and environment. It also covers two important areas that stakeholder theory has helped to shape and define: business ethics and corporate social responsibility. 


  • Typical content includes topics such as:
  • The business-society interface
  • Theory differentiating between philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenry
  • Building sustainable value through
  • Social enterprise
  • Microfinance
  • Public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Stakeholder theory
  • Emerging issues in social development
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Impact of climate change on global economic, political and social agendas impacting business and society

This unit is found in Bachelor of Business With a Major in ManagementBachelor of Business With a Major in Sports Management and Bachelor of Business With a Major in Business Administration.