EDU80015 Supervised Professional Experience 3

Unit code: EDU80015

Duration: 1 Teaching Period

Contact hours: Recommended 12 hours of theory study per week plus 20 days of placement 

About this unit

In this unit students undertake a professional practicum in an Australian primary school or other education agency under the supervision of a registered teacher. Students involve themselves in the life of the school and reflect on their practice and performance in discussion with their school supervisor and university staff. They observe a variety of classes at different levels and teach across the full range of the curriculum. During this practicum they have responsibility for a whole class for a minimum of five days. Lesson plans and other written documentation will contribute to the assessment for this subject. In preparation for these placement students participate in online activities and interactions focused on issues of diversity and inclusion.


Type: Primary School or Middle-Upper Primary School
Year Level: 5-12 years of age / Foundation to Year 6
Duration: 20 days
Minimum Attendance: 35 hours per week or 7 hours per day


  • Approaches to teaching students with specific needs and abilities, including autism spectrum, physical disability, giftedness, ADHD, emotional disorders and diverse cultural backgrounds
  • How students learn
  • Self-assessment of teaching performance
  • Adapting curriculum content to the age and cognitive development of students
  • Assessing the learning capacities of students
  • Recognizing individual difference and adapting teaching accordingly
  • Engaging collaboratively with colleagues
  • Planning and assessing for effective teaching
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and challenging learning environment for all students
  • Employing effective interventions to deal with routine misbehaviours
  • Using a range of teaching practices and resources

This unit is found in Master of Teaching (Primary).