EDU60015 Supervised Professional Experience 1

Unit code: EDU60015

Duration: 1 Teaching Period

Contact hours: 12 hours of study per week

This is the first of three professional experience units in the Master of Teaching (Primary). In this unit students willundertake a 20-day professional experience in a primary school under the supervision of an approved mentor. Students will be introduced to curriculum documents, professional standards and codes. Students will involvethemselves in the life of the school and reflect on their practice and performance in discussion with their mentor anduniversity staff.

After successfully completing this unit, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate professional and caring relationships with education professionals, students and families. [Standard 7]
2. Contribute to the planning and implementation of learning experiences. [Standard 2, 3]
3. Discuss curriculum documents and resources in relation to effective teaching and learning. [Standard 5, 2, 3]
4. Act in accordance with the standards, codes and policies relevant to the school setting. [Standard 7,6]
5. Critically reflect upon teaching and learning experiences, including the role of the learning environment. [Standard 1,4]

This unit is found in Master of Teaching (Primary).