EDU20006 Curriculum, Planning and Assessment for Primary: Practicum 2

Unit code: EDU20006

Duration: 1 Teaching Period

Contact hours: Recommended 8 hours of study per week plus 21 days of placement 


Type: Lower Primary School
Year Level: 5-8 year of age / Foundation to Year 2
Duration: 21 days
Minimum Attendance: 35 hours per week or 7 hours per day

About this unit

In this unit students undertake a professional practicum in an Australian Lower Primary School setting under the supervision of a registered teacher mentor. Students involve themselves in the life of the school and reflect on their practice and performance in discussion with their school supervisor and university staff. They observe a variety of classes at different levels and at the discretion of their supervisor, students may be introduced to teaching through one-to-one coaching or small group work before taking responsibility for a full class. However, students should have experience of taking a full class in a variety of content areas before the end of this teaching round. In preparation for their placement in schools, students engage with material relating to the primary curriculum and assessment for learning in the primary classroom and establishing professional relationships from the onset.


  • Engagement in a professional practicum under the guidance of a mentor teacher
  • Lower primary School (Foundation to Grade 2) curriculum policies and documents
  • Introduction to assessment practices their relationship to effective learning
  • Lesson planning and documentation
  • Forming professional relationships
  • Self-assessment of teaching performance
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and challenging learning environment
  • Using a range of teaching practices and resources
  • Strategies for supporting students' well-being and safety, including policy and legislative requirements
  • Strategies for evaluating learning and teaching programs to improve learning
  • Applying ICT strategies to engage literacy and numeracy teaching
  • Code of Conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • Graduate Professional Teachers Standards

This unit is found in Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Bachelor of Education (Primary).