Claim for Payment

Payment is made for the overall supervision of the Pre-Service Teacher, and is managed Student Services at Swinburne Online. We pay direct to your school or early learning centre, who may then request payment be made directly to an individual.

Remittance will be sent to the email address nominated on the Claim for Payment web form. For payments made to a school, remittance should be forwarded to the school’s financial officer.

All Payments are inclusive of superannuation and tax, so Group Certificates are not provided.

How to submit

Towards the end of the placement, the Pre-service Teacher Coordinator will receive an email which will include a link to the Claim for Payment web form. 

Payments can take up to 4 weeks to be processed.

South Australia

Government education settings in South Australia have a different payment process. Please refer to SA Government Schools Claim for Payment Information.

International Schools

Settings overseas must email Student Services for the International Claim for Payment form.