DDD20015 Interaction Design for Web

This unit aims to provide skills in interaction design for digital media design practice. Through practical tasks and critical exploration of the relationship between interaction design, design concept and software capabilities, students will extend their understanding of the constraints of particular web technologies and ways in which they drive design. Students will develop an in-depth designed outcome based on this understanding.

After successfully completing this unit, students should be able to:

1. Evaluate the efficacy of mainstream and alternative Interaction Design practices by developing design prototypes
2. Identify the potential and constraints of specific Interaction Design practices by documenting the ways in which they
drive design outcomes
3. Apply specialised Interaction Design processes and technical experimentation to the development of a Digital
Media Design project
4. Integrate conceptual development, technology, project resolution and stylistic decision making to a professional
level in a Digital Media Design project
5. Evaluate the Digital Media Design outcome based on principles of Interaction Design.

This unit is found inĀ Bachelor of Design with a Major in Communication Design.