The Value of Assessment by Folio


During your study at Swinburne Online, you may find a number of occasions when you will encounter an assessment task that requires you to produce some sort of assessment folio.

What do we mean by an assessment folio?

These assessment folios are collections of objects or resources that relate to a range of topics within your unit. Such objects or resources could be:

-          material that you’ve found online – e.g. webpages or videos

-          material that you’ve produced yourself – e.g. lesson outlines or teaching support resources.

Your folio will generally include a series of items, each of which is related to a specific resource. Each item will include both some sort of record of the resource (e.g. a link or photograph) as well as an explanation of what the item is and how it is useful. Generally, it is this second component that will form the substantial part of the assessment.

Why your assessment folio is useful

There are a number of reasons why folio assessments are particularly useful:

1.       By collecting/creating a folio of resources, you are able to demonstrate your understanding of multiple topics or concepts within your unit.

2.       Assessment folios encourage reflection. By explaining the value of each resource within the folio and how it can be used, you will be engaging deeply with the application of key unit concepts in real-life settings.

3.       The resources you collect/create will have value beyond this course, providing the foundation for a professional portfolio as you move from your study into professional work.

From an assessment folio to a professional portfolio

As you build up a collection of individual assessment folios across different units, you will gradually develop your own professional portfolio. A professional portfolio will be extremely valuable to you for a number of reasons:

1.       It will demonstrate to potential employers that you have mastered the key graduate attributes for your course.

2.       It will provide you with a pool of resources you can continue to make use of in your professional career.