Build Your Folio on an iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device

Download and sign in to Evernote for your iPhone/iPad

1.      On the device you want to download the tool to, go to the App Store.

2.      Search for ‘Evernote’.

3.      Select the Evernote app.

4.      Press Free.

5.      Press Install.

6.      Evernote will begin downloading.

7.      Once the download has finished, click OPEN.

8.      Once Evernote launches, click Get Started.

9.      Enter your email and password,

10.    Press Sign in.


Create an item on iphone

1.      Select the type of note you want to make. (See Image 1.1)

Tip: you can just start with a text note and add some other media to it later.  

2.      The cursor will automatically be flashing in the text area. You can begin typing. (See Image 1.1)

3.      Press on the camera icon to take a photo to add to the note (See Image 1.1).

4.      Press on the photo icon to add a photo from your gallery (See Image 1.1).

5.      Press on the microphone icon to record audio to add to the note (See Image 1.1).

6.      Press on the ordered bullets icon to create a list (See Image 1.1).

7.      Press on the large A to format your text (See Image 1.1).

8.      Press on the greyed out title to rename your note (See Image 1.1).

Tip:  Each note should be named appropriately for your folio, e.g. ******.

9.      Press Save to save the note to your folio notebook. (See Image 1.1)

Image 1.1



     1.      Account info button. (See Image 1.2)

     2.      Sync button. (See Image 1.2)

     3.      Search. (See Image 1.2)

     4.      Quicknotes: On this panel there are five different ways to create new notes: (See Image 1.2)

          a.      Typing in text.

          b.      Capturing a photo.

          c.       Choosing an existing picture on your device.

          d.      Create a Reminder and alerts.

          e.      Create a new list.

     5.      Shortcuts: This is where you can create a list of links that you would like to have quick access to. (See Image 1.2)

     6.      Note list. (See Image 1.2)

     7.      Notebooks: The section that displays all of the notebooks and notebook stacks in your Evernote account. (See Image 1.2)

     8.      Tags. (See Image 1.2)

Image 1.2