Accessing MyQuest

This page outlines the steps you need to do before you login to MyQuest.

Step 1: Activate your Office 365 email account

Go to and sign in with your username and password located in your confirmation of enrolment email.

Follow the prompts to change your password. The system will then ask you to log back in with your new password. You will be asked to provide a backup email, or phone contact, in case you forget your password at any stage. Follow the remaining prompts to complete your set up.

Step 2: Skype for Business

Now you have activated your Office365 you can install Skype for Business. You need to install Skype for Business so you can easily join webinars and talk to your classmates and the MyTrainer team.

The instructions to install Skype for Business vary depending on your computer – PC or MAC and what operating system you have – Windows 8, Vista etc.

This Skype for Business link will walk you through the installation process appropriate to your computer set up.

Any difficulties? Contact your Tafe Student Supporter,

Step 3: MyQuest

Watch the MyQuest video below to give you an overview of the LMS (learning management system).


Log into MyQuest using your username and password set up in Step 1 above.

Log into MyQuest

Remember, if you have any difficulties, contact your Tafe Student Supporter,