Teach Real Students in a Virtual Classroom

eLearning Advisor's (eLA's) make up our remote workforce and facilitate student learning.

They draw on an even combination of both teaching and facilitating. Like teachers, eLA's are content experts who help students acquire new skills or knowledge and rely on measurable outcomes (assessments) to facilitate learning.

As an eLA, you will emphasise practical applications and encourage students to construct knowledge collaboratively by building on previous learnings. 

The focus of an eLA is to give supportive, positive and constructive feedback, and to maintain a frequent and consistent presence online. An ability to handle the technology is also key to the role. 

Our ideal candidate has:

  • A passion for teaching and learning
  • An understanding of the online environment and its potential
  • A minimum Bachelor's degree in the discipline area you are interested in teaching
  • Academic or professional experience or work experience in the field

What to expect

This is education at the fingertips of so many different demographics. Expect an innovative learning environment with accessible layers of support available to you.

Our eLA's undertake a three week (20 hour) online training program which equips them with the right technical skills and personalised communication techniques ready to translate to our students. You must successfully complete this training to join our eLA cohort. As well as being paid to complete it, you will receive a certificate of completion for online training with Swinburne Online. 

New eLA's are allocated a maximum of two learning groups (up to 35 students) for their first teaching period, and allocations are based on student enrolments within the discipline area. There are three Teaching Periods per year, consisting of 12 teaching weeks, and allocations are confirmed two weeks before the Teaching Period starts. Each learning group will require approximately four hours remote log in time per week, and there should not be more than 48 hours between logging in so make sure this time commitment suits you. Marking is part of the eLA role and is paid separately at the end of the Teaching Period.

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