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Why you need a digital mentor

Mentors can do wonders for your career. They can inspire, lead and motivate you to learn, grow and question yourself – but finding the right mentor can be a challenge.

As online students you’re already pressed for time, and it can seem more like a chore to go out and find the right person to help guide you in your future career.

If you’re struggling to find someone who fits your needs, perhaps it’s time to turn to technology and follow a digital mentor – because let’s face it, you’re spoiled for choice.

Digital mentors can be famous entrepreneurs, teachers, industry experts or inspirational individuals, there are a plethora of mentors online giving away their guidance.

So how do you find these online mentors?

It might seem a bit daunting to find a digital mentor you feel a connection with and is motivating – but don’t forget that they’re everywhere!

Digital mentors can be accessed on many platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook websites, blogs and industry publications. Many public profile people you may already look to for inspiration will likely have an online profile to follow.

Still stuck? Here are a few suggestions for digital mentors in your study area:





Social Science 


What are the benefits of digital mentors? Well, firstly they save time!

Having a digital mentor means you don’t have to find a time and place to meet and learn from your mentor, they are easily accessible 24/7. We all have busy lives and by getting development online you can choose when and where you tap into that guidance.

Apply learning to practice

The other great thing is you can see how everything you study applies in practice. A digital mentor provides you information and insights to ensure you’re constantly challenging your ideas and up to date with industry developments.

This can fast track your learning by giving you a unique overview into what’s happening in your sector. This kind of knowledge means you are always ready to initiate a conversation and spark meaningful relationships with others in your industry.  

Instant inspiration

A digital mentor will inspire and motivate you to learn and challenge yourself. Their personal career journey will teach you lessons that can shine a light or hold up a mirror to your own journey.

Looking to a mentor when things are getting a bit tough, can help guide and inform your decision-making, as well as provide you with invaluable insights to keep you moving forward.