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Tips for New Online Learners

We put the call out on Facebook and found out the best advice from Swinburne Online students for people starting their online study journey. The verdict is out and we have gathered the best tips for anyone considering an online degree.

  1. Pace yourself: Break up your work and set tasks and deadlines for each week

  2. Keep up to date on each weeks activities so that by assignment time you are not overwhelmed

  3. No excuses! It’s the end goal and the outcome that matters so keep working towards it

  4. Make sure the university will fit your schedule  and let teachers know so that they are flexible with your work and commitment

  5. It is ok to be a hermit  because  real friends and family will understand and support you when you have to knuckle down

  6. Stay organised – I have little ones so pre-preparing and freezing meals means I can easily feed the family, stay healthy and focus on my study

  7. Join  groups on Facebook, get involved on BlackBoard and you’ll be making friends and learning at the same time

  8. Remember your goals and keep your perspective for why you are there

  9. Set regular study hours to balance your learning with other commitments. I have a designated study space where I go for specific hours, it helps to have a routine amongst my other job and the kids

  10. Get a good laptop where you can save everything to something like Dropbox or Google Drive so that you can access your studies no matter where you are

  11. Just do it! Trust that you can and you really will figure it out

For more of your tips to help with the specifics of readings, assignments and exams head over to our 16 most shared study tips here