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Taking the hassle out of referencing

Referencing is important as it distinguishes your ideas from others while also providing evidence to support your arguments.  Value and credibility is also added to your work as your reader is able to check the reliability of your sources.

To help streamline your referencing we’ve put together some of the best tips and online tools to help you tackle what can sometimes be a daunting task.  

The basics:

  • Before you use any of these apps, you should always understand the basics of research and referencing. Get started by familiarising yourself with Swinburne’s referencing guidelines
  • If you’re using Microsoft Word, these easy to follow referencing steps will help you produce an in document reference list.  

Referencing tools and apps:

  • Easy to use and free to sign up, ReferenceME allows you to scan the barcodes of print or online publications providing you with either Harvard or APA referencing options.
  • Citethisforme or Cite2write are both great online referencing tools that generate both Harvard and APA references and bibliographies in easy to export word documents.  

The whole package:

  • BibMe  and Mendeley both give you the option of a fully automatic reference list generator. You can either search or manually enter the book, article or website information and create a reference in either Harvard or APA. This can be downloaded as a reference list once your essay is complete.  

If you’re having any troubles with your research or referencing our SLOs work seven days a week and are ready to take your call on 1300 937 765.