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Swinburne Online praised in major government report

A major government report has singled out Swinburne Online for praise describing the online education provider as ‘innovative’ and ‘highly-successful’.

This week’s release of the Review of the Demand Driven Funding System found that universities have responded innovatively to the demand driven funding model which has led to improved access for all students through course offerings and modes of delivery.

The report highlighted the innovative model of fully online degrees at Swinburne Online, the joint venture between Swinburne University and SEEK Ltd stating:

“The demand driven system has prompted considerable innovation in the public university sector. Much of this comes from using partnerships with other organisations to develop new models of higher education delivery and reach new markets. This includes a public university collaborating with a private company to create a highly successful new online higher education institution.”

The creation of Swinburne Online – and the significant growth that it has experienced in response to student demand – has been one of the many success stories of the demand driven system.

Swinburne Online Director of Strategy Kay Lipson welcomed the Report and said the fully online education provider has developed excellence in learning design and teaching within an organisation which is highly student-focused.

“We have been able to expand access to higher education by delivering high quality university programs totally online – offering flexibility and hence access to higher education for students who are unable or unwilling to study on-campus.

“We have the means to design, develop and deliver learning and teaching online which is underpinned by clear principles, and delivers a high quality learning experience to a wide diversity of new learners.”

The reviewers made a number of recommendations, including extending the demand driven system to diplomas, advanced diplomas and associate degrees.

Swinburne Online’s submission to the Review of the Demand Driven Funding System called for the continuation of the demand-driven system and an increased investment by the Commonwealth in sub-bachelor students as pathways to higher education, both of which were part of the reviewers’ recommendations.

The reviewers found that extending the demand driven system will expand opportunities for students, and lead to further innovation in courses and modes of delivery, and in the quality of teaching and graduates.

The report has been released only weeks after Swinburne Online celebrated its first group of students to graduate from the only online education provider of its kind in Australia.

The Review of the Demand Driven Funding System Report can be read here.

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