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Survey reveals high satisfaction rating for online teachers

Over 70 per cent of Swinburne Online’s eLearning Advisors (eLAs) have received a 5 out of 6 satisfaction rating through the Student Feedback Survey over two consecutive teaching periods.

At the end of each Teaching Period, students are invited via email to take part in the survey and provide feedback on the quality of their eLAs. The survey is typical to most Australian university surveys measuring the quality of teaching and course content through a ratings system.

Swinburne Online Academic Director, Sue Kokonis said this feedback is essential to providing students with a high quality educational experience online.

“We are thrilled that 100 out of our 139 eLAs have received such an excellent response from our students. This is the result of our continued effort to listen to our students, take on board feedback and develop our services to suit changing needs.”

Swinburne Online actively monitors learning and teaching analytics to ensure students get the best possible service. Teacher performance and analytics are continually reviewed, including the tone and quality of responses to students.

eLAs are also paired with a teaching coach, who has access to their teaching website and can provide advice and assistance where necessary. Online Teaching Coach Lindsay Watters said that Swinburne Online eLAs pride themselves on providing a supportive environment for students.

“The culture of Swinburne Online is student centric and eLAs are crucial to the student experience. We try to instil that attitude in our teachers so they are approachable and encourage students to be involved in the learning community.

“In a large number of cases, our eLAs come from on-campus teaching roles, so we don’t presume to tell them ‘how to teach’. It’s more about helping them make the transition to the online environment, and then championing ‘best practice’ for our eLAs and students.”

Online Teaching Coaches also offer the same amount of support to their teaching team to ensure eLAs work efficiently and effectively rather than harder. All the coaches are eLAs themselves and understand the challenges and opportunities of the role.

“Being an eLA and a coach means we can add more value to how we support our teachers. We try and give positive, constructive feedback at every opportunity. We also hold collaborate sessions to provide tips and hints for better performance and develop skills,” Mr Watters said.

“In the end it is a joint effort to help our students reach their educational goals, but our eLAs are at the coal face, and the survey results are telling that they are doing an exceptional job.”    


For more information contact: Meghan Lodwick | T: 03 9214 4973 | M: 0404 613 889 | E: mlodwick@swin.edu.au