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Super Quick Tips - How to Improve Your Memory

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to studying isn’t learning the information – but remembering it!
Swinburne Online Teaching Coach Luke has some great advice for how to get those facts to stick, so you can approach exam time with confidence.

1.    A tidy space is a tidy mind

If you are one of those people who thinks they work well in ‘organised chaos’, perhaps it is time to make the switch to truly organised. People who have a cluttered desk often find their thoughts are a bit jumbled too, so try tidying up your study space to unclutter your mind.

2.    Remove distractions

When you sit down to study, you are more likely to remember what you are learning if you are in a calm and focused state of mind. Put away the mobile phone and remove any other distractions. Give the content your undivided attention.

3.    Get creative

If you aren’t interested in something, you are unlikely to remember it! So, don’t just write the same boring notes every time - try putting the information into more creative formats. Draw graphs, use tables, create flashcards – or whatever works for you!

4.    Pass it on

Nothing cements something in your brain like teaching it to someone else. Explain concepts to your family and friends and encourage them to ask you questions. This will help you analyse the information more deeply. You can also jump on to Connect or your Discussion Boards  to help your peers in the areas you are already confident in.

5.    Get moving and snoozing

Exercise is wonderful for your memory. All you need to do is 120 minutes a week (or 17 minutes a day) of moderate-intensity exercise and you'll find that your memory improves and stress and anxiety will decrease. 

Sleep is also important for your memory. Your brain needs to be able to get some rest and consolidate everything it's learning throughout the day. Make sure you prioritise sleep when you can to get the most out of your most effective learning tool, your brain.