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Student lands graduate position

Earlier this year, online student Jesse Kestenberg decided to apply for a highly sought after graduate position to start after completing his studies. He got the job.

“After a three month recruitment process, I was able to secure a position within a large Australian company in their Logistics and Supply Chain Department which will commence early 2015.

“This is an incredible outcome and testament that dedication to education can help you reach your goals,” Jesse said.

The Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) student made the decision to study online after researching his options.

“I needed to find a study option that would provide the flexibility to allow me to continue working. I hadn’t considered online study previously but after researching courses and coming across Swinburne Online, I thought it would be the perfect solution.”

Jesse also receives a large amount of support from his current employer, which has enabled the 24-year old to improve his performance at work.

“My employer fully supports me undertaking a degree. So far it has enhanced my skill set as well as my ability to perform my job at a high level,” Jesse said.

“They are supporting me by allowing me to reduce my work hours during my exams and regularly inquire as to how my studies are going, displaying their encouragement and positive attitude towards my professional goals.” 

Although Jesse says he is excited to finish his degree and begin his new role, he’s not quite done with studying yet.

“As I have had such a positive experience with online learning, I also plan to undertake postgraduate study next year whilst I work in my new role.”

Jesse’s three tips for online study success:

“Start slow with one or two subjects and figure out a weekly study routine that works best for you. After you have established your routine and have familiarised yourself with the learning system you may find that your efficiency increases and you have the time to take on additional units that will enable you to finish your degree faster than you initially thought.”

“As long as you stay on top of your weekly readings there is no reason why you can’t achieve excellent results in every subject. Utilise the resources you have at your disposal including our eLearning Advisers, class discussion forums and Swinburne Online’s Student Liaison Team.”  

“As you are provided with the flexibility to learn the material in your own time, it is up to you to allocate your own study time each week. I believe the key to success is to be consistent and organised. This may involve setting aside a few time slots each week that are dedicated to reading your learning material, doing collaborative online activities and working on assignment.”

More study tips can be found here.