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Student lands early entry in two postgraduate courses

In just under two years of online study, student Karen Heenan has excelled by leaps and bounds achieving academic excellence and landing early entry placement into two postgraduate courses.

The Alice Springs resident is a mother of five and said without Swinburne Online she may not have been able to realise her tertiary goals. 

“Had I not been presented with the online option with regards to my studies, I may not have done so well in applying myself academically and also the opportunities presented to me of late, with regards to early entry into postgraduate studies, may not have come into fruition.

“I am now more driven than ever to push myself to new academic heights regardless of my location.”

Karen began studying a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) online in 2012 after attempting a health sciences degree.

 “I found that the coursework in health sciences was not meeting my study interests so decided to enrol in a couple of criminology units and loved the coursework,” Karen says.

Set to graduate from Swinburne Online this June, Karen has been juggling the final units of her undergraduate degree, with the first part of her postgraduate courses.

“I’ve been studying a Postgraduate Certificate of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism with Macquarie University, since November, 2013. Likewise, I also commenced a Postgraduate Certificate in Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University, in late February, 2014.

“It has been challenging to manage three courses, but the thought of my imminent graduation and my clear future goals has lightened the course load.”

Karen was also recently recognised for her academic ability through invitation to join Swinburne’s Golden Key chapter, an international honour society that recognises outstanding academic achievement.

“As much as I have been enabled through Swinburne, I have created my own opportunities with regards to my study directives. You get what you put in and I am testament to the fact that hard work truly pays off.”