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Student Jasmine Motivated by Online Study

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) student, Jasmine always loved the idea of studying at home in her pyjamas – but she never seriously considered the idea of online study. However, once she started her education degree with Swinburne Online, she was pleasantly surprised.  

“It became very evident that this course was just as comprehensive as a course that one would do on-campus. I love the convenience it offers an individual. It offers an opportunity to study when so many obstacles in your life would prevent you from doing so,” says Jasmine.

Lessons in learning

While she initially found it a challenge to stay organised and focused, Jasmine says she has learned how to be more self-disciplined while studying her degree.

“Over the past couple of years, I have adapted certain strategies to keep me focused such as setting small goals, and taking short breaks to stay motivated.”

One of the more important things she has learned studying online, which will no doubt help her in her career, is to identify her personal leaning style and adjust her working patterns accordingly – study then becomes ‘second nature’ according to Jasmine.

Never alone

While Jasmine says the idea of studying online took some getting used to, she found out very quickly just how much support was on hand for every Swinburne Online student.

“The great thing about Swinburne is that you are never alone, whether you get support from your fellow peers or your teachers, there is always someone to lend a helping hand and it really offers a sense of community,” she says.

What’s next?

Already, Jasmine has been offered a substitute teaching role at the school where she did her first Primary School placement and for now is keeping her options open.

“Eventually, I hope to find a job working in a kindergarten as it brings me deep joy to work alongside children at that age,” Jasmine says.