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Student Christine Moves from IT to Criminology

After spending the best part of two decades in IT, Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) student Christine hopes her journey with online study will lead to a new career and has found some surprises along the way.

‘Interestingly, as I’ve studied, what I thought I’d like the most has changed – I expected to love the psychology and find the sociology more motivationally hard work, but in fact it’s been the opposite,’ says Christine.  

With the ongoing help and support from her family, Christine’s been able to focus on her course, while maintaining a balance in other aspects of her life.

‘I like the fact that I get to choose when to study, and can fit it around the rest of my life commitments. My family are great and both my husband and step-son take on extra housework in the lead up towards the end of term,’ tells Christine.  

Planning for success

For Christine, learning online means recognising her study patterns, but also understanding how she procrastinates. This has allowed her to develop a set of processes to ready herself for success.

Each teaching period starts with a planned approach where Christine uses a calendar to break each week down into ‘chunks’ of time and include all important work, outlining what’s due and when.  

‘Having spent many years as a project manager, I’ve become super-disciplined. As a result motivating myself to get the work done isn’t too much of a problem because I have very well -planned processes to make sure I can achieve everything on time,’ explains Christine.   

Using the resources available

The continual support from people who are passionate about ensuring that students have the best online learning experience is critical in Christine’s eyes.

‘Don’t underestimate the power of good eLAs who are inspiring, provide lots of feedback, but also prompt detailed discussions around the topic to really help instil the information,’ says Christine.